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I'm very excited to announce that my new studio is now open in Toronto at the Coalition Music building. I have made some upgrades to the equipment in the prosess. Check out the detaills below.


studio equipment includes

32 track protools 10 hd
24 channel SSL x-desk mixing console

2 api 512c mic pres
2 api 550b four band eqs
2 api 560 graphic eqs
2 ssl 611 eqs
4 helios type 69 mic pres/eq
2 chandler tg2 emi/abbey rd pres
chandler ltd-1 (1073) pre/eq
chandler tg channel pre/eq
2 quad eight 312 mic pres/eq
2 adm 4 band mic pres/eq
sontec mep-250ex 2 channel eq
eq magix

chandler tg1 emi st. comp/limiter
ssl al smart st. buss compressor
focusrite red 3 st. comp/limiter
summit audio tla 100a limiter
joe meek sc2.2 stereo comp
2 empirical labs el8x distressors
spectrasonic 610 compressor

line 6 echo pro
lexicon pcm 60
lexicon lxp 15
yamaha rev-7
roland 555 chorus echo
furman rv-1 spring
line 6 pod pro
tech 21 sans amp psa-1

fender deluxe reverb '64
fender tremolux '64
matchless chieftain
hiwatt custom 50
traynor bassmaster mkII
soldano avenger 50w
marshall 30w greenback 4x12
dr.z 2 x 10 cab
mesa boogie mk IV preamp

fender telecaster ‘69
fender thinline (humbuckers ’72)
gretsch 6120 (keith scott model)
dan electro baritone guitar
gibson j45 acoustic ‘56
fender p-bass (’56 reissue)
gibson eb3 ‘69

nord lead 4r
moog sub 37
korg ms-20
korg microkorg
akai s5000 sampler
akai s3200 sampler
sherman filterbank
novation bass station
korg tuner

new and vintage mics: ribbons
tube, dynamics and condensers

many vintage and new
guitar pedals, drums, cymbals and persussion

many plugins including : altiverb
duy spider, duy global, autotune,
melodyne, digipack, amplitube,
waves, tc master x3
vintage warmer, ni komplete 10 ultimate, masey td5, sound toys, fab filter proq, many soft synths etc.

pmc lb1 monitors
yamaha hs5 near fields
quad amps
sony dat recorder
philips cd burne

kimJ45 domPno





domJ45 kimSnr



ckick here to download printable equipment list

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