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discography [lp production & mixing except where noted]

:: recent work

matthew good - chaotic neutral
rykka - tracks for new lp including the single - last of our kind
kim churchill - new lp
the ashley hundred - split ep [mixing]
36? - split ep [mixing]
the small glories - lp [mixing]

:: older work

midnight oil
- diesel and dust
- blue sky mining
- redneck wonderland
- capriconia
- 20,000 watts r.s.l

the the
- infected
- mindbomb

matthew good band
- underdogs
- beautiful midnight
- audio of being

matthew good
- lights of endangered species
- avalanche
- white light rock n roll review
- in a coma

kim churchill
- silence/win [co-songwriting / production / mixing]
- into the steel [string arrangements, co-production]

- in flames [mixing]
no sinner
- boo hoo hoo (ep)
dominique fricotwl
- sweet little fantasy
- kodiak [mixing]
xavier rudd
- koonyum sun [mixing]
chris walla
- field manual [co-production]
julian cope
- saint julian
house of love
- babe rainbow [co-songwriting & production]
deacon blue
- when the world knows your name [production]
sinhead o’conner / the the
- kingdom of rain (track from collaborations lp)
paul young
- other voices [production]
jesus jones
- perverse
holly mcnarland
- home is where my feet are
mark hollis
- mark hollis [co-songwriting]
- yes to everything
- goodbye flatland [mixing]
- northern soul [mixing]
hearts and wires
- new full length coming soon [mixing]
- two songs for forthcoming full length
scraping foetus of the wheel
- hole
- nail
- calamity crush (ep)
the creatures
- anima animus
the dudes
- barbers, thieves and bartenders [mixing]
dave genn
- old stock - movie score [mixing]
whipping boy
- heartworm
all about eve
- touched by jesus [co-songwriting & production]
emm gryner
- public
jets overhead
- bridges [mixing]
acres of lions
- working [mixing]
colin hay
- whispering jack [mixing]
- measure for measure [mixing]
- prick [production]
the set
- never odd or even [co-songwriting / producing / mixing]
- friend of mine [co-songwriting]
vince vaccaro
- the dove (ep) [mixing]
crazy gods of endless noise
- heavy planet
t minus 50
- digital scars [mixing]
- second skin [mixing]
david devant and his spirit wife
- work, lovelife, miscellaneous
mark hildreth
- complex state of attachment
- signs of life
the big dish
- satellites
suddenly, tammy!
- we get there when we do
sarah cracknell
- lipslide
mick hart
- still the flowers bloom [mixing]
the higsons
- the curse of the higsons
kuba oms
- how much time (2 songs from lp)
the first time
- it's on [co-songwriting / production / mixing]
armchair cynics
- killing the romance (ep) [mixing]
martha and the muffins
- the world is a ball [mixing]
inflight safety
- the coast is clear (ep)
- vacation land re-release (ep) [mixing]
cara luft
- the light fantastic [mixing]
sean ashby
- brass and gold [mixing]
jessie farrell
- best of me (single) [mixing]
- oakalla
- mad about you / the magnificent trees (singles)
- kerosene (single) [mixing]
mick stevens
- the river / the englishman
- see the morning / no savage word
proud bird
- proud bird (ep)
ben sigston
- free now (ep)
- scatology [mixing]
- panic [mixing]
scott perrie
- everything gives (ep) [mixing]
the graysmiths
- give it a name [single]
bob guido
- it's too late / wake up call / my last love [mixing]
crystal shawanda
- the whole world's got the blues [mixing]
jennifer hershman
- ep [mixing]
siobahn hotaling
- unguarded ep [mixing]

the peak performance project tracks
- current swell
- j.p. maurice
- the boom booms
- redgy blackout
- jordan klassen / the facts
- the harpoonist and the axe murderer / portage and main
- savk / the wild romantics
- jodi pederson/ 36?

more engineering and mixing creditswl-ssl
- the europeans
- robert whyat
- wendy and lisa
- fredrick
- charlie mackenzie
- thomas dolby
- the specials

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