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Warne Livesey is an award winning music producer, mixer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and arranger with over thirty years experience in the music business. In that time he has worked with successful artists and musicians all over the world and has amassed sales in excess of 15 million. Originally from the UK he now lives in Canada, where he has his recording studio the command centre








Livesey started playing music in London, England amidst the punk and new wave era of the late seventies. Originally a bass player he soon realized his main passion was recording. He soon established himself as an up and coming engineer, working with producers such as David Lord, Rhett Davis and Robin Miller. Through his work with The Specials he broke into production by recording projects for their Two Tone record label and other indies such as Some Bizarre. During the early eighties he collaborated with Jim Thirlwell, who's various revolutionary projects under the Foetus umbrella were to become the fountation of industrial music that would later inspire Nine Inch Nails amongst others. More immediately though, this work came to the attention of Matt Johnson of The The, who gave Livesey his first major label break by asking him to produce tracks for his 1986 release' Infected'. Livesey also mixed all but one track on this album, which reach number 4 in the UK charts, was critically acclaimed and went on to sell 1 million copies wordwide. He also worked on The The's equally influential follow up album 'Mindbomb'.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the world, Australian band Midnight Oil loved the production on 'Infected' enough to contact Livesey and in 1987, he and his family packed their bags and headed for the winter sun of Sydney, Australia. "It was crazy. I was talking with the Oils for about six months. There was some procrastination; songs weren't quite ready, schedules conflicted, and then all of a sudden we were on a plane. I remember I was in the studio with Julian Cope (formerly of Teardrop Explodes). We finished our last mix at about 3am and at 10am we were at Heathrow airport".

The album that ensued was 'Diesel and Dust' which became Midnight Oil's break out record, establishing them as an international force: with their distinctive brand of politically charged anthems and a live show second to none. The single 'Beds are Burning' was a world wide hit and the album went on to sell 5 million copies. Livesey also produced the follow up, 'Blue Sky Mining' and after working with other producer's for two records the partnership was rekindled for the band's last two discs, 'Redneck Wonderland' and 'Capricornia', before singer Peter Garrett decided to leave the music industry for a life in politics.


Many other production projects followed. Deacon Blue's number one album in the UK 'When the World Knows Your Name', House of Love's 'Babe Rainbow', Jesus Jones album 'Perverse' and co-writing with Mark Hollis {formerly of Talk Talk) for his eponymously titled solo album are just a few. in 1991 he broke away from him more typical genres to work with soulful pop singer Paul Young for his album 'Other Voices', which featured performances by: Manu Katche, Pino Palladino, Chaka Kahn, Dave Gilmore, Stevie Windwood to name a few.

Livesey's life took another turn in 1997 when he hooked up with the Vancouver based Matthew Good Band for their second album 'Underdogs'. The album went platinum in Canada and the follow up 'Beautiful Midnight' debuted at number one and reached double platinum. The band lasted one more record before breaking up, but Matthew continued working with Livesey for his first two solo records and then again in 2010 for "Lights of Endangered Species": a project the two had concieved 11 years earlier. Their collaboration for "Spmething Like a Storm" makes eight albums in total. The frequent visits to Vancouver introduced the Livesey family to Canada and they liked it so much that in 2002 they moved there. Livesey now runs his own studio in Toronto called the command centre and is still in high demand working with domestic and international artists: producing, mixing and co-writing.


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